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Radically Improve Your Redis Service
View the Redis Calculator to see how Pliops helps organizations keep larger data sets more efficiently with better economics
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Pliops Adds Henri Richard to Advisory Board
Senior Storage, Semiconductor Executive to Help Drive Next Phase of Growth for Company
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Pliops Storage Processor Proven to Boost Flash Performance
Breakthrough Hardware Accelerator Successfully Completes Performance Testing with Multiple Tier-One Cloud, Server and Software Leaders
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Moore's Law Is Dead: What It Means for Storage
Listen to Steve Fingerhut discuss how storage must adapt to reach new demands
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Pliops Makes Storage Computational
Read the Linley Newsletter explaining how Pliops is pushing acceleration to a higher level for database software such as MySQL and Redis
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Radically Improve your Redis Service
See how Pliops helps organizations to keep larger data sets more efficiently with better economics
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Pliops Adds David Nagle to Advisory Board
Cloud Storage Influencer to Guide Cloud Architecture Vision, Facilitate Collaboration with Other Technology Innovators
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The Decline of Moore’s Law and the Rise of the Hardware Accelerator
Pliops Extends Performance Benefits Tech Industry Has Come to Expect Over Last 55 Years
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As the world moves online at an increasing pace, data and application workloads continue to grow at exponential rates, processor performance  are not.  Today’s infrastructure runs up against CPU limitations due to higher computational loads and increased storage IOs.  This results in inefficient processing and wasted storage.


Rather than expending more resources, companies need to work smarter – specifically by taking advantage of hardware accelerators, which can deliver an order of magnitude more efficient infrastructure. Acceleration using Pliops Storage Processor turns this potential into reality. 

Pliops’ Storage Processor (PSP) is a key-value (KV) based storage hardware accelerator that enables cloud and enterprise customers to offload and accelerate data-intensive workloads using just a fraction of the computational load and power.

PSP optimizes a broad range of workloads implemented using either the current ubiquitous block interface or an easily integrated application native key-value interface for even higher performance.


Increase your Performance and Reduce your Compute Load

Pliops Storage Processor provides high value to the most popular databases and applications through a plug and play block interface that requires no modifications or via existing key-value software APIs for optimal efficiency long term.

Using the block interface, PSP is compatible with all Linux applications and hypervisors without modification.

Pliops storage processor dramatically increases the number of transactions per second and expands capacity for the most demanding applications.


Pliops is solving a critical
problem for database and
storage architects - and
doing it in a way that is
both elegantly simple and
amazingly efficient.

JP Lee, CEO and managing partner at Softbank Ventures Asia

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Pliops MySQL Acceleration Demo at Flash Memory Summit 2019

Pliops’ solution solves the scalability challenges raised by the cloud data explosion and the increasing data requirements of AI and ML applications.

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