Best-In-Class Universal Database & SDS Accelerator

Pliops XDP-AccelDB Data Service is the Best-In-Class Database Accelerator for SQL applications such as MySQL, MariaDB & PostgreSQL. It is also able to accelerate NoSQL applications including MongoDB and Software Defined Storage solutions such as Ceph.


Higher Throughput


Latency Reduction


Better CPU Utilization


Higher Capacity

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Pliops: A Data Services Innovator

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Oracle MySQL Accelerated by XDP-AccelDB

Massively Accelerate your MySQL Database

A primary challenge for effective database management is optimizing database performance. When deployed with Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition, Pliops XDP delivers 3.4x TPS performance boost vs. MySQL Community Edition – without XDP.

Do More with Your MySQL License

With Pliops XDP-AccelDB, MySQL databases can experience the best of all worlds — accelerated performance, data protection, scalability, and ease of deployment – while also lowering your TCO.


More Transactions per Second

Pliops XDP-AccelDB delivers exceptional MySQL performance and efficiency gains at significant cost savings.


More Operations per Second

MongoDB Accelerated by XDP-AccelDB

Performance Scaling with Pliops

Pliops XDP provides significant performance and latency benefits for economically scaling MongoDB applications from a few Terabytes to many Petabytes.

The Pliops XDP-RAIDplus along with the built-in data compression features, enable enterprises to efficiently manage the data growth challenges without impacting performance and reliability. This solution also provides significant cost savings by lowering the cost per terabyte and freeing up CPU resources for user scalability.

Reduce the infrastructure costs by 50% without impacting performance or quality of service (Qos)
The power of Pliops XDP

Pliops: A Data Services Innovator