Best-In-Class Key Value Accelerator

Pliops XDP-AccelKV Data Service is the Best-In-Class Key value accelerator solution for storage engines such as RocksDB, WiredTiger and other NoSQL storage engines. Being a native hardware key value accelerator, it can provide an order of magnitude higher performance and lower latency than software-only solutions.


Higher Throughput


Latency Reduction


Better CPU Utilization


Higher Capacity

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DRAM like performance with SSD like economics on Redis with XDP-AccelKV

Massive TCO Savings on Redis on Flash using XDP-Rocks

While Redis on Flash is a great value solution, the performance does lag behind Redis in memory, especially when working with larger data sets. With XDP-Rocks powered Redis on Flash solution, customers can achieve the same performance as Redis in memory without making any changes to their setup and achieve an amazing reduction in TCO while improving endurance.

Setup: 22 instances of Redis on Flash
Software: 145K IOPS with 79ms 99.99% latency
Pliops XDP-AccelKV: 959K IOPS with 19.9ms 99.99% latency


Lower TCO

7x higher throughput and 4x lower latency with 6x increase in endurance with Redis on Flash


Pliops: A Data Services Innovator

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Redis on Flash TCO Advantage


Latency Reduction

Key Value Storage revolutionized by XDP-Rocks

XDP-Rocks overcomes software inefficiencies of RocksDB

XDP-Rocks overcomes software inefficiencies of RocksDB
RocksDB, one of the top key value datastores, suffers from high read, write and space amplification leading to lower throughput, higher tail latency, storage overprovisioning and higher SSD wear. It is also bottlenecked by CPU usage due to the sorting, merging and compression needs of the storage engine.

Pliops XDP-Rocks, a binary compatible RocksDB library, offloads the software operations to hardware thus bringing the read, write and space amplification to its theoretical minimum. Throughput, tail latency, SSD endurance and scalability of the solution are significantly enhanced.

100X Tail latency reduction, 20X throughput improvement and 10X CPU reduction with XDP-Rocks

Extreme KV-Rocks performance gains with XDP-Rocks

Overcoming KV-Rocks Scalability with XDP-Rocks

KV-Rocks is a popular open-source distributed key-value NoSQL database that uses RocksDB as a storage engine and is compatible with the Redis protocol. One of the major challenges with scaling KV-Rocks is the CPU bottleneck. With XDP-Rocks, the scalability is almost linear up to 32 threads with 30x reduction in tail latency and 10x improvement in throughput.


Reduction of Tail Latency

Experience increased scalability with amazing quality of service (QoS) improvements in KV-Rocks with XDP-AccelKV

Overcoming KV-Rocks Scalability with XDP-Rocks

The power of Pliops XDP

Pliops: A Data Services Innovator