A Great Culture Builds Great Technology

Hadar Ron, VP Human Resources

After many years in different HR roles with mature organizations that have established businesses, processes and culture, it was quite different to join an early stage start-up where I can have direct influence over shaping its organizational personality.  While it is extremely challenging, it is also very exciting and satisfying to see the outcome of this effort.

It’s no secret that a positive culture and work atmosphere can magnify the growth of the company in ways one can’t imagine. It is reflected in the team’s motivation and productivity. It fosters innovation and healthy relationships, as well as contributing to branding and public image. One of the best things that come out of the right culture is that it helps attract and retain the brightest minds.

Seven Keys to Building Great Culture

As I was getting started as vice president of Human Resources at Pliops, I thought through my past experience and identified seven tenants by which to help build our culture:


1.     Innovation, inspired by founder vision – understand their vision for the company, the type of work environment they want to create, and what is most important to them. With understanding comes alignment which then enables execution and multiplies the impact of their leadership.

2.     Hiring the right talent is key – the talent we hire directly impacts the business and company culture. It is important to make sure we are not hiring just based on skill or urgent need, but also consider how an individual will fit into the overall picture and positively affect our culture. In that regard, I like to ask myself if it is better to have a great team or a team of greats…

3.     Meaning matters – We emphasize our start-up story and the innovative value of the product everyone is working on. When we speak about why we do what we do, it significantly increases our satisfaction with our work.

4.     Listen more and be agile – listening and acting fast is a key to fostering a dynamic and healthy organization. Strive to get feedback, it is the best way to feel the pulse of the organization and stay connected.

5.     Employee wellness is not a luxury – We aspire to keep the employees at their best – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Why? Because they are the core of the company. Without them, success would just be a dream. Therefore, it is a must to offer resources, tools, and on-site opportunities so that they can live a healthy life – whether inside or outside the office. We are continually amazed to see the appreciation the team gives back in return.

6.     An on-going learning organization – in a start-up culture it’s critical to build a growth mindset among employees so they can continuously learn, grow and adapt. This translates into ongoing innovation, growth and resilience, both for the organization and for individuals’ careers.

7.     Data-driven decision making – where data overlaps with people – magic happens. We invest in relevant tools and platforms that will help predict and foster behavior which will accelerate a positive culture.


There is really no one checklist and building the right culture is subjective and depends on many aspects. However, all Pliops leaders, not just the HR team, are obsessed with it as it has a contagious effect. Building a great culture multiples our impact to the power of X!

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