Database Acceleration for Better eTailing

When an extra click can cost you a sale, and slow page loading reduces conversions, optimizing database infrastructure for efficiency and scalability is essential. Pliops has been working with a hosting company that supports one of the world’s leading eCommerce companies to dramatically improve their database performance. By maximizing MySQL instances, increasing queries per second, and building in advanced data protection, Pliops enables a compelling business advantage that keeps shoppers and their carts moving through checkout and more satisfied with their buying experience.

Overcoming Limitations of Existing Infrastructure

Given the recent economic uncertainty, most organizations remain cautious about significant infrastructure investments. Doing more with what they already have has been a mantra across industries and geographies. With SSDs and especially NVMe SSDs, many organizations believed they could achieve higher performance and efficient scaling.

Unfortunately, their investments have not kept up with everyday realities. Today’s workloads are hamstrung by overloaded CPUs struggling to keep up with data growth and database software inefficiencies that drive high read, write, and data amplification in SSDs. These frustrations have become increasingly common. We’re encountering many companies searching for ways to achieve dramatic improvements in infrastructure ROI like this
hosting company.

Acceleration is the Answer

While expanding data center footprint was the best option many organizations had, new, breakthrough solutions like the Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP) offer a more effective alternative. Pliops XDP is a hardware-based acceleration solution that combines multiple key data and storage technologies into one device that together multiplies their benefit. The hosting company decided to see whether Pliops could help it squeeze more out of its existing infrastructure without changing its MySQL environment.

Dramatic Improvements that Deliver Client Benefits

When it came to delivering on strict SLAs, our hosting client was forced to grow its footprint to keep up with its customers’ ongoing business growth. This linear scaling model had clear limitations, both in terms of physical space, high cost, and business profitability. With Pliops XDP, the company found an exponentially more effective approach.

If increasing business-critical workload performance, reliability, capacity, and efficiency without expanding your data center footprint can benefit your business, Pliops can help. Read the eTailer case study and see for yourself what the power of X can mean for your business results.


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