Pliops is defining a new category of data processor that will usher in a new era of how compute and storage are architected in the modern data center.

Moore’s Law and CPU Bottleneck

Compute performance is slowing down at a time when storage and network performance is accelerating. This leads to a bottleneck at the CPU, server sprawl and inefficiency in the entire compute, storage, and networking architecture.

We tapped some of the best influencers in the industry to get their take on these inefficiencies and found that they have some pretty amazing things to say about what we are doing.

Chris Evans, in his Reviving Moore’s Law post speaks out on Pliops elegant solution that inserts into existing applications and server hardware, making the transition to disaggregated architectures a simple and painless process.

SSDs have been deployed en masse to alleviate storage performance problems but are they creating a bottleneck elsewhere in the system? Dive in with Paul Stringfellow as he looks into the issue in this series of TechTalks.

This series of posts by Keiran Shelden uncovers hidden performance in SSDs to accelerate your applications while providing data protection, increasing capacity, and extending the life of lower-cost flash storage. Keiran also covers Data Protection and Endurance, two very important pieces of the puzzle to building reliable, high-performance database applications.

Dan Frith keeps the storage performance AND reliability conversation going in this interview with Pliops Tony Afshary.

CPU and SSD are expensive and yet these resources are not being fully utilized. In this two-part series Alastair Cooke looks at how Pliops drives greater value for existing infrastructure by not wasting compute and storage resources.

Stephen Foskett, Enrico Signoretti, Chris Evans and our own Moshe Twitto in this podcast discuss the end of the SSD era and, more importantly, what’s next.

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