Strategic Product Management Director



  • Engage industry analysts and peers at customers/partners to create reports on core components (e.g. CPU, memory, SSD, servers, storage, deployment models, relevant software segments and vendors)
  • Systematically assess relevant segments to make recommendations on Pliops entry strategy. Assess whether to continue or exit current product investments.
  • Create and maintain Pliops roadmap by segment, aligned with architecture and engineering for feasibility
  • Responsible for Concept phase for each major product generation
  • Identify and assess IP licensing or other sub-component opportunities
  • Define and drive ecosystem changes and collaboration required for each product segment and major product generation, including setting targets for being included on 3rd party approved vendor/hardware lists




  • Create and maintain reports on key industry trends – software/SaaS segments and vendors, deployment models, ecosystem
  • Create Market Segment Analysis for segments we participate or are considering entering
  • Lead Concept Approval phase for each product and generation
  • Lead development and maintenance of roadmap for company hardware, software and services
  • Define and manage ecosystem engagement plan
  • Work with Israel based product manager, engineering, architecture to create MRD, maintain change control


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  • Category: Israel, United States,
  • Date: August 3, 2019