The Pliops Rate Limiter

Omer Kepten, Software Engineer at Pliops’ Storage Engine Group Introduction RocksDB has a predefined mechanism to stall and stop write operations in diverse scenarios. Though effective in certain instances, this mechanism primarily targets system bottlenecks and heuristics that are of no concern in XDPRocks. It can also be challenging to fine-tune, as most of it […]

The Best of Oracle Database 21C and Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP)

Prasad Venkatachar – Sr Director Product | Solutions TLDR: With this new Oracle database 21c and Pliops combined solution, we are delivering a high-performance and highly scalable high-density Pluggable database platform for fast and easy deployment to maximize IT infrastructure efficiency. Oracle Database offers market-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and security, both on-premises and in the […]

Architecting Smarter Data Storage for SQL Server Database Consolidation

Prasad Venkatachar – Sr Director Solutions|Product If you have been working with SQL Server 2022, you’re likely already familiar with many of the Azure cloud-connected features, such as Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure Synapse Link, and object storage integration; as well as the server hardware integration features for integrated acceleration and offloading to hardware devices. […]

How to Scale MySQL and Leverage New Apps

The pace of new application development and the rate of enhancements to build intelligent applications is increasing rapidly thanks to ChatGPT, GitHub-Copilot, OpenAI Codex, and more. The user adoption, popularity, and growth of these enterprise applications result in stretching the limits of backend traditional database infrastructure for MySQL & Postgres. It Impacts the application performance, […]

Pliops supports Oracle Linux

Prasad Venkatachar – Sr Dir of Solutions|Product  Pliops supports Oracle Linux Pliops, a leading provider of data services platforms for cloud and enterprise data centers, today announced that it has validated and supports Oracle Linux 8, including the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) and Red Hat compatible kernel (RHCK). Mutual customers can easily deploy Oracle Linux […]

Enabling Performance Acceleration and Scalability for MongoDB with Pliops XDP

   Prasad Venkatachar – Sr Director – Solutions|Products    TL; DR    MongoDB database applications realize capacity expansion, performance, and TCO savings benefits by deploying Pliops Xtreme Data Processor (XDP) in place of traditional RAID 10 with MongoDB snappy compression. Pliops XDP-Accel is a breakthrough Key-Value data accelerator designed to deliver data protection, data compression, acceleration, […]

Pliops Tapped to Improve Performance, Capacity and Data Protection for Leading CSP


Balaji Ramanuja, Dir of Product Management, Pliops  In a world that demands instantaneous, 24/7 access, cloud infrastructure providers live or die by scale and availability. These two components are critical to sustained business success, as performance issues can negatively impact customer satisfaction and renewals.  In attempting to manage tens of thousands of MariaDB instances that […]

Principles of leadership in the high-tech industry

Pliops Team Member

By Itai Ben Zion – Pliops My journey in the high-tech industry started in 2001 as a third-year student at a corporate company. After 16 years that spanned three corporate companies, I felt a burning desire to join a startup in its early stages and take part in driving disruptive technology to the market. Fortunately, […]

Leveling up Your MySQL Database Performance and Scalability

Prasad Venkatachar – Sr Director – Solutions|Products    For most of today’s SaaS offerings – from the biggest service providers to the most modern private cloud solutions – MySQL is a critical application infrastructure component. MySQL’s popularity is predicated on its ease of use and linear scalability – which allows high-traffic websites to handle massive data […]

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