How to Scale Your Data Center During a Chip Shortage

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We recently got back from our first in-person event in nearly two years. It was great to attend and see industry colleagues. Unsurprisingly, there was a fair amount of discussion about how the global chip shortage impacts the industry’s ability to keep up with the insatiable demand for data.

Cloud and enterprise data centers have seen explosive growth year-over-year, and there is no end in sight. The mantra for deploying new data center capacity is bigger, faster, and more efficient.

Supply chain pressures are real, prompting various strategies to source critical data infrastructure, including servers, storage, and networking equipment. Lead times are also extended, with price hikes across the supply chain. So, what options do you have?

Traditional Ways to Deal with Chip Shortage

Most organizations managing through the chip shortage lean on their experience and focusing more on planning. 

Some traditional strategies include:

  • Ordering equipment ahead of time
  • Buying and holding more equipment to meet needs in time
  • Working early on forecasting and procurement for upcoming years
  • Leveraging existing relationships

The challenge is most organizations follow a similar playbook. For example, they work with the same handful of vendors to get the products they need. Also, most prominent companies press suppliers to prioritize their production output. However, this leaves everyone else struggling to get critical equipment.

A Modern Approach to Scale Your Data Center

We see innovative organizations use the chip shortage as an opportunity to transform their approach to infrastructure scaling. 

Rather than adding more standard servers and drives, which only amplify chip shortage challenges, they are taking a new approach. This new approach does not result in massive overprovisioning, expanded footprints, and increased costs.

Enter the Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP), a paradigm shift that solves the challenges of massive data and choking CPUs in a new way. 

Like GPUs overcome processing inefficiencies to accelerate artificial intelligence and advanced analytics performance, Pliops XDP overcomes storage inefficiencies to accelerate performance massively. It also dramatically lower overall infrastructure costs for:

  • Relational
  • NoSQL
  • In-memory databases
  • Analytics
  • AI/ML
  • 5G 
  • IoT
  • Other data-intensive applications

Key Benefits of Pliops Extreme Data Processor

By scaling across compute, memory, networking, and storage, Pliops XDP multiplies the effectiveness of data center infrastructure investments:

  • 3:1 server reduction with the same performance and higher data density
  • 10x higher application-level performance
  • 6x increase in usable capacity from SSDs
  • 5x lower cost

Check out the these case studies to see how customers benefit from Pliops XDP.

E-Tailer Case Study  |  SaaS Case Study



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