FMS 2022 – Thanks for the Memories (and Accolades)!

Tony Afshary 

Last year’s Flash Memory Summit was held virtually, making this year’s in-person event that much more special. There’s magic that happens when you get technology leaders and innovators together under one roof. Colleagues, customers, friends and pundits sharing ideas and insights. Having the opportunity to speak and to hear what others have to say. Cooperating and collaborating. Trading stories, triumphs and lessons learned. 

This year marked a three-peat for us. As a company, Pliops has attended FMS yearly since 2019 – and we’ve won 3 Best-of-Show awards in those 3 years: ‘Most Innovative Flash Memory Startup,’ ‘Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application’ and this year ‘Best Hyperscaler Implementation.’ 

Our winning formula? A unique approach to solving industry-wide challenges surrounding exponential data growth and the need to get more from today’s flash-based infrastructures. Our Extreme Data Processor (XDP) helps companies get more from their growing data volumes and data center footprint, leading to higher performance, reliability and storage capacity at reduced costs. 

Hyperscalers are one category of customer that benefit from all that our XDP brings to the table, thanks to their service level demands in addressing the explosive customer growth and scale of their infrastructure. In our FMS award-winning entry, a top-five Software as a Service provider’s innovative implementation of Pliops XDP allowed the company to improve customer satisfaction, efficiently scale their infrastructure and grow their business.  


This SaaS provider operates a complex global infrastructure managing tens of thousands of database instances with petabytes of NVMe SSD storage, delivering tens of billions of queries per hour. The company was experiencing explosive customer growth and wanted to scale its infrastructure to meet demand efficiently. Enter Pliops.

In production with Pliops XDP, the SaaS provider eliminated all SSD-related cluster failover events by handling them at the server level with no noticeable impact on QoS. Database cluster storage capacity increased by 3.2x while the cost/terabyte was reduced by 58%. Lastly, the number of instances that could be deployed on a cluster increased by 33%.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled with the benefits realized by this customer – and all of our others, as well. Receiving this honor from FMS underscores the impact our unique approach has on data centers around the world. 

I’ll let Jay Kramer, chairman of the FMS Awards Program, have the last word: “We are proud to recognize Pliops XDP for its superior reliability, performance and storage capacity expansion capabilities, which meet the needs of a top-five SaaS cloud customer.”  






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