CSP Calls on Pliops to Increase Storage Density and Lower Cost

Storage Density

By: Seth Bobroff | Director of Product Marketing

Innovations in cloud services are the cornerstone for cloud organizations seeking to meet growing customer demands – but at what cost?

That question was top of mind for one of the biggest cloud service providers (CSP) in the world, as the company sought to satisfy increasingly insatiable customer data needs.

Understanding that lowering the cost per GB of storage leads to more users and greater profitability. The company sought a better solution. They mixed all-flash TLC SSDs, HDDs, and hybrid configurations currently deployed in its highly available shared block storage service.

The CSP was considering using QLC SSDs to increase storage density in the same cluster footprint. This would also simplify their storage deployments and improve SLAs. However, they had concerns about the reliability and performance.

How Pliops Increased Storage Density and Lowered Cost for a CSP

With the Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP), the CSP used QLC SSDs to increase storage density while reducing cluster failure risk.

By adding three XDPs per server, the company created protected SSD groups shifting the failure domain from the cluster level to the server level. This move eliminated the performance impact on the cluster during a drive failure.

Also, the XDP’s hardware-accelerated architecture, which writes serially to SSDs (never random), mitigated the QLC reliability and performance issues that initially concerned the CSP.

The company chose Pliops because it performs better than anything else they have seen. At the end of the day, XDP reduced the cost per TB by a substantial 161%.

Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP)

Pliops XDP can be deployed across a broad range of cloud service offerings, delivering:

  • 3x increase in capacity for the same footprint
  • QLC at the speed of TLC
  • 5x the endurance of TLC
  • Highly reliable system with no downtime
  • 40% TCO savings vs TLC
  • Zero workload tuning
Pliops Diagram

Read our case study to get all the details on how this CSP used the Pliops XDP and QLC SSDs to build highly efficient and reliable shared block storage.

Case Study: Building Highly Efficient and Reliable Shared Block Storage with QLC SSDs



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