Leveling up Your MySQL Database Performance and Scalability

Prasad Venkatachar – Sr Director – Solutions|Products  

 For most of today’s SaaS offerings – from the biggest service providers to the most modern private cloud solutions – MySQL is a critical application infrastructure component. MySQL’s popularity is predicated on its ease of use and linear scalability – which allows high-traffic websites to handle massive data traffic volumes effectively. However, providers are increasingly finding themselves struggling to cope with rapidly growing data and application workloads – and meet end-user expectations. 

There are two main culprits here creating infrastructure bottlenecks: 

  • CPU limitations due to higher computational loads 
  • Excessive Storage I/O due to high data amplification

What’s a SaaS provider to do? Until now, their only option was to throw more money at the problem – adding servers and SSDs and expanding the data center footprint. Not exactly a sustainable solution. By radically simplifying how data is processed and flash storage is managed, we have created a better option. The Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP) increases the effectiveness of existing infrastructure investments – for optimal MySQL database operations.  

Pliops database acceleration offers a cost-effective approach to solving some of today’s greatest operational challenges. A plug-and-play, low-profile PCIe card that works in any server and with any SSD, including TLC, QLC, Optane, and more. Using a standard NVMe block driver, Pliops XDP uses a standard NVMe block driver and is up and running in minutes.  

Pliops XDP brings the following to MySQL databases: 

Up to 2.6x more queries per second to enable the faster data processing  

Up to 51%, lower latency enables fast and frequent updates  

Up to 6x more usable MySQL database capacity  

Reduce infrastructure footprint and lower CapEx by more than 50%  

Consistent performance even with massive volumes of write traffic  

Drive fail protection (DFP) with zero trade-offs in performance keeps fully protected  

Simple and fast to deploy with MySQL in any server with any SSD 


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