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About The Position

Who We Are?

We are a growing startup company revolutionizing the Storage Processor world, with an ingenious solution. Founded in 2017 by industry leaders. We’re the cream of the crop, with a positive disposition, an optimistic vibe, and a can-do attitude.

We’re stronger together, at home and at work. Our mind is sharp and we’re quick on our toes, we lead by sharing, and empower by advising where to look but not what to see. Honestly, we're quite knowledgeable, however, we know there’s a lot more gray matter to colour with learning.

Our Extreme Data Processor (XDP) is a hardware-based storage accelerator that enables cloud and enterprise customers to offload and accelerate data-intensive workloads using just a fraction of the computational load and power. It’s truly groundbreaking, you have to see it to believe it.

Pliops embraces diversity and inclusivity, valuing unique perspectives and talents. We foster a collaborative environment that celebrates mutual respect and continuous learning, driving innovation and success.

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Pliops Extreme Data Processor Explained

About The Position

Main mission is development of core software for industry-leading storage systems comprising of innovative software and hardware technologies.

The mission includes the following:

  • Provide mentoring for SW group members on Linux development.
  • The team SW stack includes developing in FW and Linux user/kernel space.
  • Development mostly in C++.
  • working with a remote site



  • 10+ years of hands-on relevant experience
  • University degree (Bsc/BA in Computer Sciences or Software/Computer/Electrical Engineering).
  • Experience in developing complex software systems in Linux environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of Linux internals
  • Experience with storage engines and databases
  • Experience with multithreading development
  • Deep understanding of threading and locking mechanisms
  • Strong design and analytical skills
  • Strong coding skills in C++
  • Broad system view
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Strong communication skills in English

Advantage / desirable prior experience:

  • Experience in development of both user space and kernel mode applications
  • Experience in working in a multi-threaded and distributed environment
  • Experience with storage systems, storage stack and protocols
  • Experience with NVMe, SSDs, FTL, Flash memory
  • Experience with open source Software
  • Experience working with customers

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