Boost Workload Performance, Reliability
and Scalability

Substantially increase the performance, reliability, and scalability of your data-intensive workloads with a Pliops XDP-powered instance in phoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud

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  • Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6336Y
  • Pliops XDP PCIe Card
  • 256GB RAM
  • 6x 8TB NVMe
  • 2x 25G Ethernet
  • 1 IP Address

Accelerate & Optimize your phoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud Instance with Pliops XDP

Get access to the breakthrough performance and storage optimization capabilities powered by Pliops on phoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud (BMC). Just as GPUs overcome processing inefficiencies for complex algorithms, Pliops XDP multiplies the scalability of workloads and data capacity by delivering ultra-high performance drive fail protection and in-line compression with XDP-RAIDplus for your NVMe SSD-based workloads. This helps you cost-effectively maximize CPU use for performance gains with greater reliability.

Additionally, adding Pliops XDP to Bare Metal Cloud solves current data efficiency challenges by expanding the potential of existing architectures. The new Pliops-powered instances allow cloud architects, DevOps engineers, and others to scale their compute and storage resources more efficiently and provide their applications with advanced processing and capabilities.

Available as part of Bare Metal Cloud, the Pliops XDP-powered instance can be automatically deployed in minutes. We invite you to trial the instance with our no cost test drive option. Accelerate and protect your database, analytics, software-defined storage and other data-intensive workloads today!

Pliops XDP on phoenixNAP BMC Benefits

  • Immediate value with no application changes needed

  • Automated server provisioning in minutes

  • Boost NVMe SSD user data capacity up to 6x with ultra-consistent performance
  • Boost performance up to 10x by eliminating bottlenecks and latency

  • Increase TLC or QLC SSDs drive life by up to 7x

  • Pay-per-use billing, monthly and yearly reservation options
  • Full performance XDP-RAIDplus (RAID 5/6) with 5x faster rebuilds

  • Easy-to-use API and CLI tools


  • 15 TB free bandwidth included (5TB in Singapore)

Bare Metal Cloud Overview

While multi-tenant cloud platforms offer great flexibility and scalability, they are not the best option for all types of applications. Data-intensive workloads such as multimedia, bioinformatics, HPC, AI/ML, as well as sensitive data, might require a dedicated environment.

phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud platform brings you the raw power of dedicated servers with cloud-like flexibility!

As an automation-driven platform, Bare Metal Cloud lets you spin up your server instances in a matter of minutes and scale as easily. Over 30+ pre-configured instances are available on an hourly or monthly billing model to support your cloud-native needs. You can deploy them using API or CLI and manage them as code using integrations with popular Infrastructure as Code tools.

Enjoy the flexibility of the cloud without “noisy neighbors” or vendor lock-in.

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