Pliops & phoenixNAP Partner to Deliver Pliops-Powered Cloud Services

pliops powered cloud service

By: Grant Jacobson | Senior Director, Strategic Alliances

We are really excited by today’s news that phoenixNAP is offering a Pliops-powered instance as a new, on-demand accelerated cloud service. Serving the needs of performance-sensitive users with data-intensive workloads, this new cloud service is the latest addition to phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) platform and made possible by integrating Pliops’ Extreme Data Processor (XDP) in a storage-oriented BMC compute instance called

Pliops-powered instances on phoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) are ideal for data-hungry, storage-intensive workloads including RDBMS, NoSQL, Analytics and Big Data, Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing, and Content Delivery, among others, and can help organizations better achieve their business goals and meet service level objectives. phoenixNAP cloud service customers can now enjoy the same Pliops XDP benefits that were previously only available to those deploying XDP in their own data centers. This new offering is an industry first as the only accelerated cloud service created with Pliops XDP.

Preinstalled and seamlessly integrated with server resources to create the new phoenixNAP BMC instance, Pliops XDP as-a-Service is provisioned in just minutes and allows organizations to access advanced data processing and storage capabilities that enable new levels of technical and economic efficiencies.

How An Integrated Pliops XDP Adds Value

Pliops XDP radically improves how data is processed by seamlessly managing the data flow between application and storage.  This multiplies the scalability of workloads and data capacity by delivering ultra-high performance Drive Failure Protection (DFP) and in-line compression for data-intensive applications. In short, XDP brings a new level of performance with RAID 5/6 reliability without the tradeoffs of traditional solutions. With a Pliops-powered instance, you can:

  • Get immediate value without any application changes
  • Boost performance up to 10x by eliminating bottlenecks and latency
  • Protect valuable data and improve productivity with up to 5x faster drive rebuilds
  • Gain up to 6x more usable SSD capacity with ultra-consistent performance

By overcoming data storage inefficiencies, XDP on BMC expands the potential of existing architectures, allowing cloud and storage architects, DevOps engineers, and others to scale their compute and storage resources more efficiently and provide their applications with accelerated processing capabilities.

Pliops XDP combines multiple key data and storage technologies into a single device that together multiplies their benefit. Using breakthrough data structures and algorithms, XDP eliminates the inefficiencies of software-based solutions to deliver gains in performance, reliability, capacity, and efficiency.

Get Started Today

The new Pliops-powered instance is available initially as a no-cost test drive to qualified customers who are interested in trialing the service. Take a test drive today.  Check if you’re eligible here

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