Pliops Highlights Breakthrough Data Protection Technology for SSDs at Percona Live

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This week at the Percona Live ONLINE Open Source Database Conference 2021, Steve Fingerhut, president and chief business officer for data solutions innovator Pliops, will deliver a presentation titled ‘Data Protection for Rapid Recovery at Scale.’ Focused on overcoming challenges related to building reliable, high-performance databases, the session can be viewed online on May 12 from 2:30-3:00 p.m. EDT in Room #1, and will be archived after the show on the conference platform.

“With demand for cloud services soaring during a critical semiconductor shortage, increasing data center efficiency is more critical than ever,” noted Fingerhut. “Delivering reliable, low-cost services with high-performance SSDs has remained an unsolved industry challenge, until now. Solving this will deliver huge increases in scaling and availability for companies of all sizes.” The Pliops Percona Live session addresses this dilemma, detailing new breakthrough data protection technology for SSDs as a key benefit of the Pliops solution that brings better performance than can be obtained from RAID 0 – even during a drive rebuild – with a smaller footprint.

Pliops has developed a special purpose processor that addresses the key flash considerations for database workloads, including reliability, performance, capacity, and efficiency. The Pliops storage processor accelerates storage and reduces cost for MySQL and nearly any flash workload, increasing database resiliency and performance, expanding capacity of existing drives, and improving infrastructure efficiency.

Percona, a leader in open-source database software and services, is one of the more than 20 tier-one cloud and enterprise companies that has successfully tested and evaluated the Pliops storage processor. “Pliops technology enables the ability to turn ‘dumb’ flash storage into ‘smart’ flash storage,” noted Peter Zaitsev, co-founder and CEO, Percona. “According to our benchmarks, the Pliops storage processor is unique in that it is able to increase performance, improve compression and reduce write amplification.”

The Pliops Percona Live session will also provide tools for attendees to evaluate the reliability of their database environments, including a checklist of important considerations:

Advanced Data Protection Checklist

  • Full Uptime During Drive Failures
  • Virtual Hot Capacity
  • Rapid Recovery
  • No Read-Modify-Write
  • Automated Data Protection
  • Expanded User Capacity

Percona Live is the longest-running, largest, independent conference dedicated to the vast ecosystem of open-source database technologies. Interested parties can register here to attend Percona Live ONLINE and view Pliops’ session.

About Pliops

Founded in 2017, Pliops is a technology innovator focused on making data centers run faster and more efficiently. A fundamental building block for the data-centric era, the Pliops platform addresses the exponential growth of data storage – and the subsequent computational processing requirements this has created. Pliops uses innovative, patented data structures and algorithms to eliminate data amplification and enable consistently high I/O performance, capacity, and endurance – reaching up to 100x faster data access with just a fraction of the computational load and power consumption. Pliops was recently named as one of the 10 hottest semiconductor startups in 2020 by CRN and its storage processors are shipping to select customers. The company has raised $115M to date from leading global investors including State of Mind Ventures, Viola Ventures, Intel Capital, KDT, SoftBank Ventures Asia, NVIDIA, Expon Capital, Western Digital, Xilinx and Sweetwood Capital.

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