Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP) exponentially increases these four key values in one device by radically simplifying how data is processed and SSD storage is managed. XDP seamlessly manages data flow from application to storage, shaping the data for optimal placement to the lowest-cost SSDs, enabling very high performance with fully offloaded data protection and inline transparent compression.

XDP’s ultra-fast hardware-based storage engine leverages breakthrough data structures and algorithms to deliver the performance equivalent of hundreds of intel® Xeon® Gold cores of common data processing and storage management functions. This eliminates bottlenecks, reduces latency, and greatly increases workload scaling of your existing infrastructure footprint. Pliops XDP provides value across a broad range of applications with a single solution that is easy to deploy across your entire datacenter.



Pliops boosts business-critical application performance by eliminating bottlenecks, latency, and server sprawl that cost time, resources, and business opportunities. With a hardware-accelerated architecture, Pliops delivers ultimate application and workload performance at much lower latency. Now you can take full advantage of the SSDs you already have.

With Pliops you get:

  • Significant performance gains with relational databases, NoSQL, in-memory databases, analytics, and more
  • Up to 10x faster performance and 1000x lower response times with a smaller hardware footprint
  • Ultra-consistent performance under all conditions for the best application response times
  • No need to optimize for peak load
  • High gains with standard block interface and no app changes
  • Native key-value API for the highest levels of performance


24×7 operations have no tolerance for inconsistent performance or unplanned disruptions. Even highly resilient architectures suffer from performance degradation due to drive failures and consume drive, server, and storage node resources, impacting customers and business results.

Today’s solutions require tradeoffs in both performance and capacity, while Pliops does not. Pliops’ advanced Drive Failure Protection enables you to deliver on stringent SLAs by maintaining constant data availability with no data loss or downtime.

With Pliops you get:

  • Modern data protection for SSDs so that applications can run uninterrupted, with zero tradeoffs in performance or reliability
  • Protection of all data and metadata against sudden loss of power
  • Full uptime even with multiple drive failures
  • Super-fast drive rebuilds—only affected data, not the entire drive
  • Compatibility with all existing drive and database security management
  • Extension of SSD life by reducing write amp and garbage collection
pliops_capacity expansion


Dealing with data growth is a never-ending battle, and it’s only getting worse. Modern applications are designed to process massive amounts of data in real time. Adding more SSDs is expensive and does not address the problem.

Pliops data-reduction technology provides substantial space savings without affecting performance—enabling you to stay ahead of rapid data growth at lower costs.

With Pliops you get:

  • Up to 6x more space on existing drives with hardware-offloaded compression and compaction
  • Ability to fill the drive completely, and beyond, with inline compression
  • Full use of SSD capacity at high and consistent performance
  • Works with both small and large data sizes
  • Up to 128TB of user data storage on 64TB of any vendor’s SSDs
  • Easily scalable to higher capacity and performance with multiple Pliops card


Businesses must constantly scale to support new peak workloads while managing CapEx and OpEx. Pliops offers the most efficient approach, delivering immediate and substantial business value in an affordable, easy-to-deploy solution. Installation is plug-and-play using a standard block interface with no application changes.

Compact yet powerful, Pliops XDP is designed to get the most out of your infrastructure footprint so you can keep up with your organization’s massive data growth and application adoption.

With Pliops you get:

  • Plug-and-play installation using standard block interface—with no application changes
  • Up to 80% cost reduction for all flash-based workloads
  • Up to 80% reduction of CPU load and power consumption
  • Seamless support for all common flash technologies including TLC, QLC, Optane
  • Compatibility with SATA, SAS, NVMe, and NVMe-oF storage
  • Flexible deployment models: DAS, storage server, disaggregated storage, and cloud service

What can Pliops do for you?

For IT Leaders

Your business team needs you to deploy more next-gen applications. But even maxed out on flash and high-end servers, your datacenter can’t support the performance and capacity growth those applications require. Do you say “no” when they ask for new applications, or do you propose datacenter expansions that you can’t afford? With the Pliops XDP, instead of navigating painful trade-offs you can:

  • Say “yes” to your business team and their next-gen applications
  • Run apps at the highest levels of speed, reliability, and capacity
  • Avoid forklift upgrades while staying within your budget

Pliops lets you leverage your existing storage and servers to deliver the performance and functionality that’s being demanded of your IT operations. Instead of spending on servers, SSDs, or datacenter footprint, you can invest in driving real business goals.

Solution Brief

Scaling Data Center Storage to Meet Explosive New Demand

Multiply Your Data Center to the Power of X
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Multiply Your Data Center to the Power of X

For Infrastructure Architects

No matter how many SSDs or processors you install, you can’t overcome your datacenter’s storage inefficiencies—so data-hungry, storage-intensive applications keep bogging down and risk becoming unreliable. While your storage, server, and networking teams blame each other, you’re left trying to salvage what’s left of your budget and deliver the performance and capacity you need. With the Pliops XDP, you can:

  • Give the business teams the agility and headroom they demand
  • Make the most of the storage and hardware that’s already in place
  • Get your storage, server, and networking teams working together again

Pliops lets you control datacenter budget, footprint, and even energy consumption, all at the same time. And you can get back to doing the big-picture, cross-functional planning to prepare the infrastructure for tomorrow’s business demands.

For the C-Suite

You’re tired of being told by your IT team that your datacenter infrastructure can’t handle the next-gen applications you know you need to achieve your business goals—so how can you even think about scaling to support innovation and new offerings? You’re investing more and more in infrastructure, but you’re just not seeing the business gains that justify those investments. With the Pliops XDP, you can:

  • Cost-effectively harness AI/ML, 5G, big data analytics, IoT, and other modern applications
  • Focus on your business goals and know that IT can keep pace
  • Multiply the effectiveness of your existing infrastructure investments

Pliops lets you put full effort into what you want to achieve for the business and where you want innovation directed in the future—without getting dragged down in the details of how the datacenter handles data growth or next-gen application workloads.

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Business Critical Data Protection for Cloud Service Provider

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