Relentlessly Pursuing the Power of X

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Uri Beitler, CEO & Founder

The Power of X

As I think back to the origins of Pliops, I can’t believe we have come so far. 

Along with my co-founders, Aryeh and Moshe, we knew there needed to be a paradigm shift in the data center to support big data analytics, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. Also, the volumes of data would be overwhelming to the existing data center infrastructure. 

With the advancements in networking technology and the growing deployment of NAND SSDs, we realized the CPU would become choked with data. The more we discussed this, we realized the opportunity for a new data processor unit. 

I am amazed at how this vision has resonated with many in the industry. From our customers, including leading cloud service providers, to technology leaders like Intel and Nvidia. And, of course, the amazing people who have joined our team and help pursuing the Power of X.

Growing Globally

Pliops has 100 brilliant employees and counting. We also have a beautiful headquarters office in Tel Aviv and will re-open our San Jose, CA business HQ office. In addition, we built strong teams in China and Japan. 

Moreover, we are building an inclusive team – one we want to work for. Plus, an unmatched culture of innovation and well-being. Our employees are and will continue to be my number one priority.

We have also been fortunate to receive global recognition. For example: 

We are also proud of our Extreme Data Processor (XDP).

The Best Is Yet to Come

Seeing all the growth and accomplishments is gratifying for Aryeh, Moshe, and me. However, this is only the beginning. 

As we continue to innovate, Pliops looks to provide the most efficient data processors to maximize performance of compute and storage.

We relentlessly focus on helping customers transform their data center architecture. We are also scaling fast to match demand. 

Finally, we look forward to seeing how together we can multiply our impact to the Power of X!



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