Building Highly Efficient and Reliable Shared Block Storage with QLC SSDs

Pliops XDP enables higher storage density, with node level protection to meet growing customer demands.

The rapid development of cloud services is the cornerstone for many cloud organizations to satisfy insatiable customer data needs. Strong storage infrastructure capabilities are essential to providing agile, efficient, reliable, and diverse cloud services. The intersection of performance and profit is central to success; as such, lowering the cost per GB of storage leads to more users and greater profitability, while improved performance allows them to better support customers during peak workloads.

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What's in it for you?


Achieve unprecedented performance up to 10x higher for today’s applications.


Get data protection at the speed of flash with ZERO performance penalty.


Store up to 6x more data with no performance cost.


One solution for every workload that is easy to deploy and scale with up to 80% better economics.

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