Flash Memory Summit 2020 Keynote Address

With data storage and the computational requirements for processing that data growing at an exponential rate, the status quo approaches aren’t cutting it anymore.

SSDs have become mainstream for high performance cloud and enterprise applications, but their potential hasn’t resulted in the expected system performance gains. And the lowest cost ZNS/QLC enabled SSDs and most advanced Storage Class Memory (SCM) products are limited to specialized environments with extensive software re-work required. Applications are suffering, reliability is faltering, and data center sprawl is costing us. This is because server architectures aren’t balanced and software workarounds magnify the inefficiencies. It’s time to simplify infrastructure, stop the over-investment in storage, and scale more efficiently. A new class of Storage Processors can, in fact, rebalance server architectures, increase computational output with a reduced footprint, and eliminate the need for software changes, unleashing the full potential of your storage investment.

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Achieve unprecedented performance up to 10x higher for today’s applications.

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Get data protection at the speed of flash with ZERO performance penalty.

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Store up to 6x more data with no performance cost.

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One solution for every workload that is easy to deploy and scale with up to 80% better economics.

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