The Power of X: Pliops Extreme Data Processor

Pliops Extreme Data Processor
Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP)

The Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP) radically simplifies how data is processed, and SSD storage is managed.

Overcome storage inefficiencies, massively accelerate application performance, and dramatically lower overall infrastructure costs for databases, analytics, machine learning, and more.

Delivered on an easy-to-deploy, low-profile PCIe card, Pliops XDP exponentially increases performance, reliability, capacity, and efficiency to multiply the effectiveness of your infrastructure investments.

Pliops XDP Advanced Features:

  • 6x more capacity than traditional RAID allows for data growth challenges
  • Rapid Recovery – Enable strict availability SLAs
  • Extend SSD useful life beyond hardware refresh cycles with better SSD endurance
  • Greater Resiliency with protection against 2 sequential single-drive failures
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated hot spare with built-in Virtual HotCapacity feature
  • Significant write amplification reduction
  • Ultra-fast rebuild rate for large-capacity drives
  • Full data & metadata protection in the event of sudden power down


Achieve unprecedented performance up to 10x higher for databases, analytics, AI/ML, and more.

Pliops breakthrough data structures and algorithms deliver the equivalent of hundreds of cores of host software.

Accessible via a standard block interface, XDP appears as a block device in the system and will accelerate any application. A direct Key-Value (KV) interface that uses the same APIs as existing software as well as XDP-Rocks, a RocksDB binary compatible API is provided for an easy change to supercharge your software.

With databases like MySQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra, Pliops XDP significantly increases instance density while reducing latency, enabling systems to be pushed to the max.


Get data protection at the speed of flash with ZERO performance penalty.

Traditional data protection solutions require tradeoffs in both performance and capacity. Pliops XDP eliminates these tradeoffs with advanced drive failure protection that maintains constant data availability and eliminates data loss and downtime.

XDP supports multiple single drive failures, and with virtual hot capacity (VHC), there is no need for a hot spare. Because XDP manages the data, only actual data is rebuilt – unlike RAID-based solutions.


Store up to 6x more data with no performance cost.

Pliops XDP supports TLC, QLC, Intel Optane, SATA, SAS, all common flash technologies and SSDs from any vendor.

XDP increases endurance by up to 10x, making it possible to take advantage of high-capacity, low-cost SSDs. Data is efficiently compressed and packed, leaving no gaps, so there is no internal fragmentation.

When using the block storage API, the volume can also be thinly provisioned, enabling the full use of all SSD capacity at maximum performance.


One easy-to-deploy solution for every workload for up to 80% better economics.

Pliops XDP provides value across a broad range of applications with one-solution fits-all acceleration. Pliops XDP makes it valuable and easy to deploy across an entire data center.

Compact yet powerful, XDP gets more out of the existing infrastructure footprint to keep up with organizational data growth and application adoption.

Pliops Extreme Data Processor Specifications

Pliops XDP unleashes the full potential of flash storage by enabling enterprise applications to access data up to 1,000 times faster, using just a fraction of traditional computational load and power.

Performance RR:3M IOPS, RW:1.3M IOPS, SR:55GB/s, SW:6.5 GB/s
Capacity 128TB of user data on 128TB of physical disk with parity protection
RAID Support RAID 0.5
Compression Hardware accelerated LZ4
SSD Vendors All drive vendors including Samsung, WD, Micron, Intel, Kioxia, Hynix, Seagate
SSD Support

Interface: PCIe Gen 3/4/5 NVMe & NVMe-oF, SAS, SATA

Types: TLC SSD, QLC SSD, ZNS SSD, Intel® Optane™
Supported Servers All standard servers including Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Supermicro, Quanta, Wywinn, Inspur, Sugon, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Tyan, MiTac, Intel, Cisco, AIC
OS Support Most popular Linux variants including RHEL, Ubuntu and Debian
Host API • Standard block device
• KV Library API, XDP-Rocks (RocksDB 7.0 binary compatible API
Physical Dimensions Low Profile HHHL (6.6” X 2.536”) – Tall and Short Bracket
Host Bus Type 8-lane, PCIe Gen 3 Compliant
Power Fail Protection All data is protected from sudden power failure using onboard Supercapacitors
Operating Temperature 10-52°C at 250 LFM (ambient)
Storage Temperature 5°C to 35°C, < 90% non-condensing
Power Typical <25W, Max 45W, +12Vdc through PCIe adapter
Operating Voltage +12Vdc through PCIe edge connector

Three years, free advanced technical support, and advanced replacement option

Write Atomicity

Support for Atomic Writes up to 64KB for explicit or transparent double write elimination.

Regulatory Certifications

AS/NZS CISPR 22, ICES -003, Class B, EN55022/EN55024,
VCCI V-3, RRA no 2013-24 & 25, RoHS compliant, EN/ IEC/UL 60950, CNS 13438, FCC 47 CFR part 15 Subpart
B, class B, WEEE


Up to 4.5M Hours

Part Number PLALAS1FI-001

Pliops Extreme Data Processor PCIe Adapter Card, Low-Profile w/ Long bracket

Part Number PLALAS1HI-001

Pliops Extreme Data Processor PCIe Adapter Card, Low-Profile w/ Short bracket

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Achieve unprecedented performance up to 10x higher for today’s applications.

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Get data protection at the speed of flash with ZERO performance penalty.

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Store up to 6x more data with no performance cost.

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One solution for every workload that is easy to deploy and scale with up to 80% better economics.

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