Radically Improve Redis Service Offering with DRAM-like Performance at 80% Lower Cost.

As data demand continues to grow and immediacy becomes increasingly essential for business operations, Redis has become the most popular in-memory NoSQL database. Due to its sub-millisecond latency and high throughput, Redis enables fast response times for workloads and applications like machine learning, messaging, geospatial data, real- time analytics, gaming leaderboards, and user session caching. However, as scale increases, the infrastructure costs of keeping large amounts of data in memory can become prohibitive. Given the growing popularity and desire to use Redis for larger datasets, flash technology offers a potentially cost-effective option that is less than 1/20th the cost of DRAM on a per GB basis.

What's in it for you?

Achieve unprecedented performance up to 10x higher for today’s applications.
Get data protection at the speed of flash with ZERO performance penalty.
pliops_capacity expansion
Store up to 6x more data with no performance cost.
One solution for every workload that is easy to deploy and scale with up to 80% better economics.