Accelerating RocksDB-based Databases with Pliops Extreme Data Processor

Accelerating RocksDB-based Databases with Pliops Extreme Data Processor Cloud workloads and data continue to grow at accelerating rates, as does the demand for better performance, latency and overall efficiency. Unfortunately, computing performance is not keeping pace, while solid-state drives (SSDs) are getting cheaper, denser and faster—especially NVMe SSDs.

Today’s compute and storage architecture is unable to take full advantage of SSDs, making it more challenging to keep up with growing demands. Nowhere is this more evident with applications like MySQL, Ceph and Spark using RocksDB, an open-source, key-value (KV) storage engine optimized for fast, low latency SSDs. CPU limitations due to higher computational loads and excessive storage I/O consumes valuable compute and storage resources. Without a better technology solution, enterprises have no choice but to deploy more servers and storage—ballooning capital and operating expenses. The Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP) is a breakthrough hardware accelerated key-value storage engine that addresses the limitation of a software-only approach and delivers superior database performance and infrastructure utilization.

What's in it for you?

Achieve unprecedented performance up to 10x higher for today’s applications.
Get data protection at the speed of flash with ZERO performance penalty.
pliops_capacity expansion
Store up to 6x more data with no performance cost.
One solution for every workload that is easy to deploy and scale with up to 80% better economics.